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We are no longer accepting members for the 2016-2017 school year.  We will start registration for current members and a waiting list for potential members for the 2017-2018 school year on Friday, April 28th, at 8 am.

We do NOT accept students during the school year.

New Member/Waiting List information:
We will start a waiting list for new members on the last Friday in April each year.  We will start the list at 8am.  You may email, call or come by to put your name on the waiting list.  We do not accept any calls or emails before 8am.  We will need your name (not your child’s name), a phone number and an email address.  We will contact you by the week of June 15th to let you know if we have an opening for your family.  We only make 3 attempts to contact new members to set up an appointment. If we do not hear back from them then we will move to the next family on the waiting list.  We schedule appointments for those new members to register mid-June.
Registration Information for current members: 
You will need to turn in your completed paperwork (church school enrollment form for any new student and Family information sheet) and tuition to the helpers at the sign-in tables and go to class as usual. You also need to be up-to-date on your progress reports AND have taken care of any outstanding fees (cleaning fees, late progress report fees, co-op fees, etc.) before registration.
Remember, the order you sign in with your completed paper work and payment is the order you register for co-op classes. Since we do not pay our teachers, we give them first choice of classes as a thank you followed by the co-teachers then returning members and last new members.


We will start filling openings from the waiting list on June 16th.  If you do not have all your paperwork and fees turned in by June 15th, you run the risk of losing your spot.

Here is our fee schedule:                                                     Returning members – $135                                                     Associate members – $100                                                                New members – $145 ($135 + $10 registration fee)                         New Associate members – $110 ($100 + $10 registration fee)

Each member is also required to join HSLDA (or renew their membership). Here is a link to HSLDA:
MHCS is a discount group for HSLDA.  Our group number is 299815.
Forms needed for registration are listed below.  You may print these from this page. Please use these new forms (Up-dated September 2015).

Church School Enrollment Form
Family Information Sheet
Associate Member Family Information Sheet                                                             New Progress – Attendance Report

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