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Membership Options

Prospective New Members:

Prospective New Members wanting to be added to our wait list may do so starting on March 15th, via email preferably. Names MUST BE on the list by April 5th. We will not accept any New Member requests after April 5th. We will contact people on the list in order to set up a New Member interview. After a successful interview, the registration process will begin. The fee is $160 for new members. ($150 plus a one time admin fee of $10). If a student is interested in signing up for sports they will do that during this process. This registration is to join Master's Hand for membership. Co-op class registration is a separate registration that occurs in the summer.

Doing Homework

Returning Membership:

Includes legal covering to home school under the Alabama state law for the Church School Option.  Full Members are required to submit 2 progress reports a year stating school attendance days and grades earned. Returning Membership is $150 a year.

Associate Membership:

This membership is for families who wish to participate in the activities and classes provided by MHCS, but whose children are either not of enrollment age; or the family is enrolled under another church school.  Associate Membership does not include legal covering and does not require any reports submitted to MHCS. Associate Membership is $150 a year.

We also offer membership discounts for active Pastors and Missionaries.

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